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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Well! It Didn't!!!

It is over
                                 It is done
                                        It will never be here again!!!

Summer 2016

My heart's cry for the summer was "don't fence me in!"  As school started yesterday the fall calendar became full.  Baseball practice, violin lessons and orchestra, church events and everyday obligations now highlight my desk calendar.  It really does make me want simpler days.  You feel the excited business all around you. Even the pastor addressed it in his sermon, wanting us to all make sure our priorities are in the right place.  Sometimes I wonder how God sees it? 

Now Summer 2016 is now gone and we must conform!

I am not a list writing person, nor a huge planner.  I look to the grander things in life and shoot my arrow in that direction.  I enjoy seizing the moment, more than over planning it and having the planning drag on and on, just sucking the life out of the event.  All that is to say...I Love SUMMER!
It is a time that society allows us to relax and not schedule, if both are not in our nature.  I didn't put charts up on the wall with all the things Ben had to accomplish everyday, even if the guilt crept in.  Instead, we lived the moments.  Summer was fun.  I must recap, because if I don't  then I am not giving the credit to the one who rejoices over us with singing.

My hidden heart's cry all last school year was a desire to go to the beach.
The Lord provided.
My second was to fill our summer with "adventures".  My two...two-year-old grands can now say "adventure".  I must get shirts that cry out - Grand Mommy's Adventures.
So off we went for  adventures.  This meant movies - yes, little ones, food and movies.  We went to a movie grill where they could all set by tables and eat food...in the dark...I still don't know why this is good.  I still never know what I am putting into my mouth  or even what it looks like!

Swimming and splash pads!!!
Yes, with my daughter's help I took all five grands to the splash pad. The movies were just with Grand Mommy and Uncle Ben.

I got to read this summer!  I soaked in my second reading of  The Road to Blessings by Penelope Wilcock.  To be honest the truths in the second reading were so strong I think I will go back through it again this fall. Summer allowed me time to just reflect, to inhale, to listen to the soft voice of God.  Life is just toooooooooooooooooo noisy with all it's demands and drama.

I also was able to design for a client.. I had a kitchen job that allowed me to pour energy into the creative part of me.  We totally removed the old kitchen and started from scratch. This energizes me. I am praying the Lord will open up more doors for me to do what He created me to do.  All Good gifts come from Him.

 Our last summer "adventure" a Vintage Train Ride!

So as I pencil in more "we have to be at or do" on our calendar, I longingly look forward to next summer, but between then and now, I am going to watch for every "Adventure" life has to offer.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Don't Fence Me In

I think that is why I love summer, I don't want to be fenced in!!!  My spirit and soul are refreshed when I can run outside the fence.
 I Love Summer 

  • I like not having a schedule
  • Not having to stay in doors because of weather

  •  Not having a Huge to-do list - cleaning can wait until Fall
  • I love getting up early to watch the sun rise, spend time with tea and God's word, before anyone moves
  • Free outdoor concerts 
Johnny Cash and June Carter tribute

  • I love not rushing Benjamin off to school
  • Being spontaneous - go some where or do whatever, at the last minute
Breakfast at the lake the other morning

  • Water...water, and more water - beach - lakes - pool - Water refreshes my soul
  • Nature - all nature!!! Hike, camp, explore 
Yes! Grand Mommy allows mud!!!
  • Sun - long days of Sun!
  • Playing.................the joy of playing!!

Twins chasing bubbles while everyone else is unloading boxes in their new home!  They love the new place

Picking Blueberries.

  • Travel - if at all possible, seeing what is around our world - this means "staycation" more than out of town, but all of us could take more time to discover what is around us
Now as I look around and see all the dust, the cluttered places and disorganization, of my home.  I just say, "Yes!" this is evidence of us making the most of summer!  Fall will come, and once again we can organize, clean, be on a schedule, but for now................drop on in, but don't expect a show place. I will meet you for an adventure, my trunk is stocked for summer.  I carry chairs, blanket, ice chest and car seats!  Come on...we will have an adventure.  Just don't fence me in before September!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Whirlwind May and June

I can't believe it is already the middle of June.  It has been a whirlwind around here.  May ran so fast I couldn't catch my breath.  I truly wonder how families do all that is required these days. I think home schooling was easier on our family.  Benjamin's school schedule had us jumping.

God's faithfulness was seen again as he completed his third year in a charter school and fourth grade. This year was a challenge for him as God put on his heart to share the Gospel with a class mate. This meant he was taken into the director of the school's office.  Although his school has all their school events in churches, and each program is started with prayer, a student was offended because Benjamin picked up the Bible from the holder in front of him.  As the kids were waiting their turn to present their songs at the Christmas program, Benjamin shared Genesis 1:1 with a student setting beside him.  As he told me later, "well where do you start when you want to share Christ?  You start at the Beginning...in the beginning there was God."  Without a word, he just showed the scripture.  So, this year, God challenged him to step out and share.  The parents were upset at this display of religion and the fact Benjamin brought a Max Lucado book to school, which was Cosmic Christmas, a fictional book.  We learned as a family that our nation is different than when we were in school.  He learned he still has the right of speech and to stand strong.  What a young age to see that there truly is spiritual warfare.  He is learning.

 As he finished this year he received Academic Excellence, having received all A's  in every subject for the complete year.  His orchestra, of which he is the only elementary student, it is the Jr High orchestra, received Superior in their competition.  He also was introduced to baseball this year, and fell in love.  Our sixth child to play baseball/softball.  This delighted my heart, as I was allowed to go down memory lane over all the years of our others playing ball.  As God showed his faithfulness to Benjamin, He also showed His faithfulness to me...a mother who still has a home schooling heart.  He also showed his faithfulness to this "older" mom, it truly is a challenged to be in a world of mom's in their 30's!!!   His ways are truly greater than ours!

Benjamin followed the Lord in baptism in May also.  He had committed his life to the Lord a few years ago, but hadn't followed his commitment in baptism. His father had the honor of baptizing our youngest child.  Our prayer now is that God will walk with him and uphold him with His hand.  It is God who works in all of us until completion.

My precious Mother-in-law celebrated her 101st birthday the first part of June.  My heart hurt this year when she couldn't see Benjamin play baseball.  You see, she was the wife of a semi-pro baseball player.  Even in her 90's she would drive for four hours to come see her grandson play baseball. Benjamin is the first child she hasn't seen play sports.  Her and him share a very special bond.  There is 91 years difference in their age, and have a very tender love for each other.  Benjamin's relationship with her has given him a heart for the those who are rich in years.

May meant the twins turned 1!!!  Our daughter still hits the ball out of the park with all that life swings at her.  This weekend they moved...again...and are so excited about their new home.  We rejoice with them on their journey of life. The other grands are all growing and the delight of my heart, as we continue "Grandmommy Adventures".

June meant 36 years of marriage for Bill and I.  WOW! what an eventful journey.  As we add seasoned color to our hair, we also add seasoned love to our marriage.  God truly works through our relationships to show us HIM.  Thank you Bill for 36 years.

In the midst of all the events God also blessed me with a desire of my heart.  I wanted Benjamin to be able to go to the beach, which his siblings enjoyed multiple times in their childhood.   I wanted to spend time with the Lord on the shores of the ocean. To my surprise, God provided through a company business trip. Bill worked and Benjamin and I played.  I hadn't been to this beach, which we held years of memories, in 18 years.  Not only did the beauty bless me, but walking down the memory lane again, reminded me of God's faithfulness.

I end with - God is faithful and I am not, yet, He continues to love me.  What an awesome God we serve, I am humbled.  He continues to walk with me through this "Adventure" called life.
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